A Committee on Accreditation (CoA) of the Commission on Accreditation of Allied Health Education Programs (CAAHEP)


Board and Staff

The Board, consisting of volunteer leaders, and MAERB staff work together to support the CAAHEP-accredited medical assisting programs in the accreditation processes.  The Board is comprised of educators, administrators, and practitioners within the field of medical assisting and allied health administration, employed by a school with a CAAHEP-accredited medical assisting program. Board members simultaneously represent the approximately 400 CAAHEP-accredited programs and are also part of the community. 

The MAERB staff maintain a virtual office and are very easy to contact by email and phone. They are committed to frequent and regular communications with the CAAHEP-accredited programs. Program Directors are encouraged to reach out to their Program Manager with any questions, and the Executive Director is always glad to consult about program changes and trends in the medical assisting community. 

The MAERB office is open from 8:00 am - 4:30 pm EASTERN, Monday through Friday. 

MAERB Members


Karon G. Walton, MEd, CMA (AAMA)

Vice Chairs

Rebecca Dail, AAS, CMA (AAMA)

Nancy Szwydek, MPH, RN, RHIA, RMA (AMT), CRAT, CMAC


Linette Birky, RN 

Jill Ferrari, MA, MT, RMA (AMT), MLT (ASCP)

Connie M. Morgan, MEd, RN, CMA (AAMA)

Jo Penning, BS, CMA (AAMA)

Firdous Remita, MD, CPT, RMA (AMT)

Amber Schappaugh, DM-HCML, CMA (AAMA), AHI, MA, RMA

Jennifer Stephenson, BSN, MPH, RMA (AMT)

Marianne Van Deursen, EdD, CMA (AAMA)

Contact MAERB

Executive Director, MAERB

Sarah R. Marino, PhD

Assistant Director of Accreditation/Program Manager

Jim Hardman

Accreditation Program Manager

Bethany Steigenga

General Information