A Committee on Accreditation (CoA) of the Commission on Accreditation of Allied Health Education Programs (CAAHEP)

MAERB Accreditation Fee Schedule

Application Fees


1. Initial Accreditation (1 campus/1 program) $1800
  a. Each additional campus $900
  b. Each additional program $900


Programs applying for Initial accreditation should submit the application fee as soon as they know when they want to have the visit scheduled.


2. Continuing Accreditation (1 campus/1 program) $950
  a. Each additional campus $475
  b. Each additional program $475


CAAHEP-accredited programs need to “apply” for continued accreditation by paying fees four months prior to the comprehensive site visit.

3. Multiple Campus Program Application $500
4. Change of Ownership $500
5. Transfer of Sponsorship $950
6. Reactivation of an Inactive Program $400


All application fees are due with the applications and are not refundable.

Annual Service Fee

1. One program on one campus $1700
  a. Each additional campus $850
  b. Each additional program $850


2. Initial Accreditation granted after June 30 of invoiced year for one program on one campus` $850
  a. Each additional campus $425
  b. Each additional program $425


CAAHEP-accredited medical assisting programs are sent the invoices in October with the final due date on January 15th of the next year for the period January 1 through December 31 of the previous year. These fees are charged retroactively, so programs pay for the past year. In other
words, for the Annual Service Fee due in January 2024, CAAHEP-accredited programs are paying for 2023 services. There are no partial year rates, with the exception of programs accredited on or after July 1 of the year covered by the fee.

Comprehensive Review Fee


1. One program on one campus (two days) $3000
  a. Additional Surveyor (more than one campus/one program, two days) $1500
  b. Additional Day(s) (more than one campus/one program) $800


The Comprehensive Review Fees pay for the travel, lodging and food of the surveyors who visit the program site. It is due at the time of submission of the Self-Study Report, four monts prior to the actual visit. Programs will be required to pay additional expenses if the actual expenses are in excess of the fees. If this occurs, the program will be invoiced for the entire amount of excess costs at the conclusion of the survey. The program will be responsible for the additional expenses incurred if, when a scheduled surveyor is not able to attend the visit, the program determines that the survey should not continue, even if the remaining available surveyor is qualified to conduct the survey as a sole surveyor. There will be no refunds of the Comprehensive Review Fee.

Mandated Focused Visit

1. Focused Visit Actual costs


If MAERB schedules a focused visit to an institution based upon specific issues that have emerged, the institution will be charged the actual survey expenses (travel, lodging, hotel) of the surveyors. The program will be invoiced after the visit.

Self-Study and other Accreditation Workshop Fees

1. One representative of a currently accredited CAAHEP medical assisting program that has paid the Annual Program Service Fee. $200
2. One additional representative from each additional program or campus that has paid the additional Award Program or Campus fee, along with the Annual Program Service Fee. $200
3. A representative from an unaccredited program that has paid the Initial Accreditation Application Fee $200
4. A representative from an unaccredited program that has not yet paid the application fee or the application fee was paid over 12 months prior to the workshop. $200
5. A representative from a currently accredited program who already has the maximum number attending. $200


Virtual Program Director Boot Camp Fees

1. New Program Directors who were hired after August 1, 2021 $0
2. Program Directors whose programs are accredited after August 1, 2021 $0
3. Current program directors $100


Change Fees

1. Curriculum Change Fees
a. 10 – 50% change in total credits or clock hours
b. 51% or greater change in total credits or clock hours


2. Change of Award (Change a degree to a certificate/diploma or vice versa)/Addition of another accredited program $500
3. Personnel Change
a. Program Director
b. Practicum Coordinator (additional or replacement)


4. Teaching Invasive or Protective Competencies via Distance Education $250
5. Adding an Apprenticeship Component $250


Administrative Charges

1. Failure to report Program Director or Practicum Coordinator change within 14 days of the vacancy $250
2. Failure to submit completed Program Director or Practicum Coordinator, including documentation, within 30 days of the vacancy $250
3. Failure to submit Annual Service Fee by second notice due date $250
4. Failure to submit any requested documentation by second notice due date $250
5. Annual Report Form Unlock Fee $200
6. Rescheduling comprehensive site visit within six months of the confirmed date at the program’s request, plus any addiitonal travel charges



These administrative fees cover staff time and other administrative costs that incur due to late or incomplete material being submitted or changes being made.